Vijay Goel

Goel meets & wishes on birthday of Vice president (Chairman-Rajya Sabha)

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Vijay Goel congratulated Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M.Venkaiya Naidu on the birth anniversary and wished him good health and longevity.
Goel told that he got the privilege of work with Venkaiya Naidu in the party and in the government for a long time and now again getting his proximity as Vice President and Rajya Sabha Speaker.
Goyal also discussed with the Vice-President about the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha in the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament. Significantly, only 18 days have passed since the start of the upcoming session. Due to the deadlock in the last session, many bills are held in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and six new Ordinance are still to be passed. Goel said that there should not be politics on the bills which is being brought in Parliament to pass. There are so many bills on which the opposition parties are unanimous and there is no dispute or these bills have already come out of discussions in the Standing Committee or other committees.
The government will first endeavor to pass these undisputed bills. Goel said he is fully convinced that all political parties will have to come out of  party politics and help in the proceedings of the Parliament. Prior to this, Goyal met Former Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh for cooperation in smooth functioning of the Parliament. Goel said that he is ready to communicate to the leaders of other parties.
The term of the current Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurian ends on July 2. Goel discussed with the Vice-President that there should be an election of vice-chairman after the consensus among the members. Although the rules of the Rajya Sabha are not confirm on the date of election of vice-chairman, Goel said that he would like to have consensus on the basis of unanimity and fix a date as soon as possible, for the discussion on the issue.
Goel said that he is fully confident that the functioning of Parliament in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will be smooth and the public also wants that more and more bills of public interest be passed in the next session of Parliament.

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