Vijay Goel

Vijay Goel will March to save the heritage of Chandni Chowk

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and former BJP President Vijay Goel has called a ‘Padyatra’ 'Save Heritage, Save Chandni Chowk to protect and preserve the legacy of Chandni Chowk of historic Old Delhi. Goel is all set to lead a ‘’Pad yatra’’ from Gauri Shankar Temple to Fatehpuri Masjid on July 5th with hundreds of supporters, local businessmen and heritage lovers. During this time Chandni Chowk's market will remain close for half a day.
The traders and locals of Chandni Chowk are enthusiastic for Vijay Goyal's ‘Pad Yatra’. Tomorrow, all the shopkeepers of Chandni Chowk will close their shops for half a day and support and welcome Vijay Goyal. Chandni Chowk Sarva Vyapar Mandal, the largest institution of traders of Chandni Chowk, has taken this decision in a meeting.
Mandal President Sanjay Bhargava said that it has been decided in a resolution that traders and residents of Chandni Chowk are extending a support and join the march on 5th July from Shri Gauri Shankar Temple to Fatehpuri Masjid. He appealed to join the ‘’Pad Yatra’’ with large numbers and provide support to restore the historical glory of Chandni Chowk.
The Pad Yatra will start from Gauri Shankar temple on July 5 at 11 a.m. The main demands are that the havelis of old Delhi and their destruction should be stop, the important monuments should be rescued, illegal construction should be stopped, electric wires should be underground and Chandni Chowk should be made pedestrian zone to get back its beauty. Just like the celebration of Chaudhaveen ka chand held in Chandni Chowk in 1998 and also done in Amritsar of Punjab.
Goel said that the Delhi government and the Shahjahanabad redevelopment board are doing nothing. Not a single brick has been put so far in the name of development. It has become very difficult to move into the crowd of Chandni Chowk. Due to rickshaws, traffic jam, old sewers, and dabbling electric wires Chandni Chowk has now appearing like a dirty and unsightly slum, full of rickshaw, old sewer and suspended electric wires turns the Chandni Chowk into a slum area.
Goel said that their movement will continue. This is not against anybody but it is for the development of old Delhi. It is notable that before this, Mr. Goel has played an important role in the development of 33 acres of park, Mirza Ghalib's mansion, Ajmeri gate fountain park, Haveli Dharmapura and Lahori Gate museum in front of the Red Fort.
Mr. Goel, who was president of 'Heritage India Foundation' and MP from Chandni Chowk twice, says that if nothing has been done for Chandni Chowk soon, then the culture, heritage, Ganga-Jamuni tehajib will all end. Shri Goel has appealed to all the Chandni Chowk residents and heritage lovers to gather on one platform and save the historical heritage of Chandni Chowk .

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