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Vijay Goel participated in kite flying along with friends from different religious background

Union Minister and Ex BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel organised a kite-flying event today at his residence. Union Minister Goel flew kites along with his friends from various religious backgrounds and slum children. He encouraged the children to harmoniously celebrate our festivals and live a discipline and responsible life. Goel said that our festivals are symbol of communal harmony and unity in diversity.
During this event, Kite exhibition was also organised by displaying variety of colourful kites.

During the kite flying event, Goel alludes that at present Modi's kite is soaring the highest and no kites can overtake his kite.

Ali Hasan, who joined this event, said that Modi's kite has brought Vikas (development) across the country and it is extremely difficult to cut the string of Modi’s kite.

Satpal Bhatia of East Delhi said that politics is like a kite which swing ups and downs flying as per the direction and velocity of the wind and it is difficult to predict whose string will be cut.  
Amongst the displayed kites, Narendra Modi kites added colour and graced the event with the kites of different leaders.

Goel said Kite flying has both religious and scientific significance on Makar Sankranti. It is religiously significant as Lord Rama had started kite flying on Makar Sankranti and the tradition has been followed since that day across India. Scientifically, kite flying requires deft skills and understanding of basic natural elements. It promotes entertainment and good health.  

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