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Issue of sealing houses in the name of shops will be taken up with the Monitoring Committee

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and former BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel today demonstrated against the arbitrary sealing with local merchants in the North-West Delhi's Trinagar area. He mentioned that he will take up the matter of shops getting sealed despite being paid conversion charges with the MCD officials. He also added that he would raise the issue of houses getting sealed in the name of shops with the Monitoring Committee.
Speaking to the media,Goel said we cannot afford to push people to take drastic steps because of the sealing. Goel wasreferring to an incident wherein a 35-year-old tailor from Bihar, reeling under financial crisis after his owner’s shop was sealed in the ongoing sealing drive committed suicide in northwest Delhi’s Keshawpuram.
Goel said that local traders have suffered because of the sealing driveand many have expressed anger. The fact is that factories in the area have already been shifted out and their shutters are down, and people are leaving there. Ironically, these houses are also being sealed. Similarly, the shops who have already paid conversion charges to the MCD are getting sealed too.
Goel remarked that members of the Supreme Court-appointed monitoring committee carrying out the sealing drives are not aware of ground realities and have overlooked people’s plight. He stated that stakeholders involved with the sealing process needs to understand the resentment of the people and take immediate and corrective steps.
On the occasion, Goel assured all the traders and people in the locality that he would take the matter up with the SC-appointed Monitoring Committee and MCD officials. He further added that he is not against sealing, but rules and human aspects cannot be ignored.
Vijay Goel said that thousands of families are on the brink of destruction due to sealing.He said he has no intention of interfering in the process of preventing unauthorized construction but pointed to the fact that all aspects relating to the sealing should be considered.

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