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Congress should apologies for misleading on Rafale – Vijay Goel

The way the congress and Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of Rafael deal and levelled baseless allegations against the central government, Union Minister and former Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel lead a protest march along with Hundreds of party Workers. He rode a Motor Cycle from his residence Ashok Road to Connaught place to expose the lies of Congress.

Goel said that Supreme Court in its judgment has cleared the purchase of 36 Rafael fighter aircrafts and clearly mentioned that there has no irregularity in the deal and has also dismissed all the petitions.  Congress and Rahul Gandhi have been persistently abused and maligned the image of PM Narendra Modi as well his Government.

However, the truth is that Congress is afraid of the popularity of our PM and that is why they are spreading lies. Goel has demanded that the congress and Rahul Gandhi should apologise to the nation and the arm forces on the issue.  Now, the Supreme Court has said that it is in the interest of nation.

Goel said that government is ready to discuss the Rafael issue in the parliament but the congress and other opposition parties are running away from the discussion as they fear that their lies will be exposed and their corruption cases will be brought out in the forefront. Govt is ready to discuss on any number of hours in this issue in parliament.

Goel also said that whatever issues are being raised related to JPC are an attempt by the opposition parties to indulge in petty political gimmicks.

Earlier Congress made an issue on EVM machine and now they have trust issue with the Judiciary as well.Such political opportunism is not good for parliamentary democracy.

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