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Congress-AAP are birds of the same feather – Goel

Union Minister and Former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel, while addressing hundreds of party workers in Vijay Sankalp Bike Rally, said Arvind Kejriwal is begging for an alliance with Sheila Dikshit, whom he once accused of being corrupt and promised to throw her behind the bars. Kejriwal came to power in Delhi riding on corruption allegations against the Congress and for the past four years, the Congress has been accusing the Kejriwal government of indulging in corruption.
What could be more shameful than the fact that for long period both the power-hungry parties had been having meetings to forge an alliance? Goel said that though the Aam Aadmi Party has announced its candidates, behind-the-doors both the parties are still ready to come together.
Goel said that yesterday the Chief Minister of Delhi showed his true colors when he commented that the Bharatiya Janata Party wanted to win the Lok Sabha elections over dead bodies of our soldiers.
Goel also said that on one hand, the people of India are standing with the armed forces and the government, on another hand, Kejriwal has been cursing the BJP with all his might because ever since the Modi government gave a befitting reply to Pakistan, his political career has been finished. Kejriwal is insulting the valor of the armed forces.
Goel himself rode the bike today along with hundreds of party workers and led the Vijay Sankalp Bike Rally from Samaj Mandir, Seva Nagar chowk. Standing amidst them, Goel said that the BJP is set to form the next government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
Goel said that all the party workers salute our soldiers through the bike rally. Goel said that it is now clear that the Modi government would not shy from taking bold steps in the interest of the country, be it declaring demonetization, implementing the GST, or dealing with terrorism. He emphasized that only the Modi government should be formed which can work on every front with firmness and determination. A weak government cannot lead the country.
Goel also said that those who have been commenting on the foreign trips of PM Modi would have got their answers by now that it was only due to Modi government’s diplomatic efforts that all major countries in the world are standing with India today.

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