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Goel to lead a cycle rally of 1000 cyclists to protest Kejriwal’s failure to curb pollution

Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel will make air pollution a major plank in the Delhi Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Goel would lead a cycle rally of 1000 cyclists tomorrow, March 15, from V3S Mall, Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar at 10 am to protest the complete failure of the Kejriwal government to curb air pollution in Delhi. Women, youth and common people from different walks of life will join him to support the cause.
Local MP Shri Mahesh Giri and Mayor Vipin Bihari will also join Goel in the cycle rally.
Goel said that Delhi has become the most polluted city in the world. The pollution levels in Delhi are five to seven times higher than the prescribed marks, yet no step has been taken by the Kejriwal government in the past four years. PM2.5 and PM10 levels in Delhi continually cross the severe mark of 500ug/m3, though the prescribed levels are 40ug/m3 for PM2.5 and 60ug/m3 for PM10. But instead of curbing the pollution, Kejriwal came up with odd-even drama which failed to tackle the pollution. Construction works and road dust contribute 21 percent to pollution, while industries and vehicular traffic contribute 18 percent and 41 percent to pollution respectively.
Goel said that pollution should become a major plank in the forthcoming general elections so that the residents of Delhi bring to power a party that takes stringent measures to control pollution and provide Delhi clean air to breathe.
Goel said that poor air quality has led to 30 percent rise in cases of respiratory and breathing ailments in hospitals, and the condition is even worse for poor men and women living in slums because neither they have sufficient resources for treatment nor they benefit from the “Ayushman Bharat” scheme owing to Kejriwal’s arrogance and insensitivity.

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