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Goel launches ‘Park Andolan’

Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel has now launched ‘Park Andolan’. He will continue to visit different parks in Delhi to meet senior citizens and representatives of RWA’s. He later answered several questions posed by the people.
Goel launched his ‘Park Andolan’ today from C-block, Vikaspuri and informed the morning walkers how Kejriwal has completely ruined Delhi and why we need Modi. Goel said it is better to hold meetings in parks rather than holding meeting in different colonies because people from various colonies and representatives of RWA’s come to the parks.
Goel said to the morning walkers to vote keeping their own interest in mind and not to vote in the elections keeping Modi or Kejriwal in mind. Answering a question on full statehood, Goel said the issue of full statehood would be resolved when there is BJP in power both in the centre and in the state. Full statehood is not possible given the antics and confrontational behavior of Kejriwal. Goel appealed to the RWA to invite and hold debates with the representatives of the three leading parties.
Goel said that corruption has reached its extreme under Shiela Dikshit and Kejriwal. We shall work to finish corruption in MCD. Under the connivance of the officials illegal construction is taking place and the ordinary public is being harassed.
In reply to a question Goel said that he has always taken up the matter of corruption in various departments with the concerned authorities. He has always raised his voice against corruption including getting the practice of lottery banned, that was exploiting the poor people.
Tomorrow at the famous Bonta Park,  Delhi University Goel will meet morning walkers at 6.30 AM. Goel said according to a survey of 1600 cities of the world, Delhi leads the pollution tally. He said it is not even safe to walk in the parks in the morning due to the pollution.  However he is taking it upon himself to meet the people and talk with them on the subject of pollution.  Goel also talked about the development schemes of Modi and the failures of Kejriwal.

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