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Public has already made up its mind on bringing back Modi in Central Government – Goel

Union Minister and former Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel said that both the corrupt parties, Aam Aadmi Party and Congress are trying to forge an unholy alliance in their lust for power. Goel said We can all imagine what will happen in Delhi if in their craving for power these 2 corrupt parties join hands in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the Delhi Assembly elections scheduled to be held in the latter part of the year.
Vijay Goel said that he is staging a dharna at Jantar Mantar to caution the Delhi public against the falsehoods being spread by this polluted and adulterated alliance. These 2 parties were involved in trading corruption barbs at each other and are now desperate to join hands to win 2 seats in Delhi. The 2 parties think that the Delhi Public is ignorant as if it doesn’t understand their tactics.
Goel said that in the garb of craving for power, Rahul Gandhi has forgotten the insult of his late father Shri Rajiv Gandhi meted out by Kejriwal on the floor of the Delhi Assembly by passing a resolution of stripping Former PM Rajiv Gandhi of Bharat Ratna honour. It is fate only, that the Delhi Pradesh Congress President is now Sheila Dikshit, who was promised to be sent to Jail on corruption charges by Kejriwal. Sheila Dikshit has also forgotten that insult and disgrace.
Goel said that till yesterday, Ajay Maken used to accuse half of Ministers & MLA's of Kejriwal Government  for corruption and also said that he was not in favour of an alliance with AAP and that is why he left the post of president of Delhi Pradesh Congress, However he has also started looking otherwise now. Goel added that the 2 corrupt parties can forgive each other in their lust for power, however, the public of Delhi will never forgive them for their actions.  
2 big sign boards were installed at the Dharna, one reflecting the accusations of Congress Party against AAP and on the other, the accusations and insinuations of AAP against the Congress party. In the background a parody was being played of film Sangam, "Bol Sheila Bol ke Sangam hoga ki nahin" and the dharna carried the caption "Chor Chor Mausare Bhai, Aam Aadmi Party and Congress I "
South Delhi MP Ramesh Bidhuri, West Delhi MP Pravesh Varma, MLA Om Prakash Sharma, Jagdish Pradhan and Sirsa addressed the gathering at Jantar Mantar. Goel also said that whether this unholy alliance of AAP and Congress sees the light of the day or not, the public has already made up its mind of choosing BJP & on bringing back Modi in Central Government.

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