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Shiela Dikshit should either resign or admit to the charges of corruption levelled by Kejriwal- Goel

On the issue of alliance between Congress and AAP, Minister of State and former BJP State President Shri Vijay Goel commented that in case the alliance is formed, Congress Delhi state President and Former CM Smt Shiela Dikshit should either tender her resignation or accept the serious charges of corruption levelled by her alliance partner Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

Goel reminded that in 2013, Kejriwal vowed that he will put Shiela Dikshit behind bars within 24 hours of getting elected since she is smeared with colours of corruption related to Commonwealth Games, water tankers scam etc. Goel reminded that Kejriwal had filed an FIR of 370 pages registered against her at the Parliament Street Police Station.

Goel told that it is ironical that Shiela Dikshit herself is the Delhi Pradesh Congress President and in her Leadership itself this unholy alliance is getting formed. He wanted to know whether Kejriwal will withdraw his serious charges of corruption against Shiela Dikshit or she will resign from her position.

Goel told that 95 percent of Congress grassroot workers do not want any alliance with AAP because they think that AAP is more corrupt than Congress. Some Senior Congress leader has commented that both AAP and Congress are corrupt so what? why BJP is concerned?.

Goel said that he will light the Holi of corruption of AAP and Congress tomorrow outside his residence.


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