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4000 students were found to be studying in four shifts of two hours each

New Delhi, April 9, 2019: Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel and MLA Jagdish Pradhan visited a Delhi government school in Mustafabad today to examine the pathetic conditions of schools in the city.
Goel said that the Kejriwal government had been making false claims of improving the condition of education and schools of Delhi, while the fact is over 50 percent of the students of Class-X and Class-XII are failing in the examinations.
Goel informed that the Mustafabad school he visited today has 2100 girls and 1800 boys, and it is a matter of shame that this school runs in four shifts of two hours each, wherein one hour is daily wasted on attendance and Mid-Day Meal.
Anita Singh, the vice principal of the Mustafabad school, revealed that while 70 percent of students passed in Class-IX, the pass percentage of the school for Class-X stood at a mere 19 percent. The results of board exams blow the lid off Kejriwal’s hypocrisy.
Goel said that two classes run in just one classroom, with students of one class facing east and another class facing west. What could be worse than this? School toilets are dirty, while no drinking water is available for the past three months. There is a heap of garbage just outside the classroom, and drug addicts often enter into classrooms through windows and take away fans with them. Principal room, staff room and office all exist in one small room.
Goel said that the MLA has been writing letters to the Delhi government to get the school rooms concretized but no action has been taken yet. On a land just next to this school however stands a grand, elegant school built by the MCD. Goel said that the MLA even persuaded the Lieutenant Governor to make an MCD land available for the Delhi government so that a new school could be built near to this school, but the Delhi government still didn’t build a school on the land.
Goel said he himself had provided Rs 25 lakh a year ago for the same but the Delhi government didn’t utilize the funds thinking that the BJP would gain political advantage out of it.
Goel said that Kejriwal portrays himself the well-wisher of Muslim voters, and 50 percent of the students in this government school are Muslims.
4000 students are studying in two-hour-long shifts in such a small space. Yasmin, vice-principal of the school management, wondered about the quality of education the students have in two-hour-long classes. Class-VIII students of the school were unable to  recite the tables of seven.
Yasmin informed that the school doesn’t have a principal for the past many years, and of 70 teachers in the school, 61 are guest teachers while only 9 teachers are permanent. Parents informed that they are still to get the scholarship amount. There is no other school in nearby areas such as Mustafabad, Karawal Nagar, Shiv Vihar, and Nehru Vihar.
Goel challenged Kejriwal and Sisodia to see this school and then say whether the Delhi government schools have improved. Goel said that he would next time visit another school in the New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency and again expose the Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal. 

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