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Goel reaches Mayapuri, talks to traders

New Delhi, April 15, 2019: Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel sat on the ground along with hundreds of traders in Mayapuri Industrial Area today on the issue of sealing and assured that no injustice would be meted out to them. Vice-president of the BJP Delhi Rajiv Babbar and General Secretary Ravindra Gupta were present along with Goel.
The people assembled to listen to Goel informed him that the Sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) of the Delhi government had carried out sealing on the order of the National Green Tribunal (NGT). The NGT had instructed the Delhi government in 2015 that it should arrange an alternative space to traders. Had the government done its job then, the sealing need not have been carried out.
Standing amidst the traders, Goel said that the local associations and traders should be permitted to carry out some other business activity which doesn’t generate pollution at the same site.
Goel said it is incomprehensible that when traders were first relocated from Matia Mahal to Mayapuri on a permanent basis, why are they now being pushed out from Mayapuri too?
BJP Delhi vice president Rajiv Babbar said that they will continue their fight for traders who are being punished due to Kejriwal's negligence and that they would not let traders be pushed out from Mayapuri.

Goel assured that he will meet the Lieutenant Governor over the injustice meted out to traders by the Delhi government. Traders of Mayapuri thanked Vijay Goel and Rajiv Babbar and raised the slogans “Modi Zindabad”. Traders said that they were ready to work as per the laws and norms provided they should at least be informed what are the laws and norms in the first place so that the Delhi government and the Police don’t harass them in future.

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