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Traders are highly enthusiastic in praising and congratulating Hon’blePrime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and BJP is the party which has incorporated theinterests of Traders in its Manifesto: Goel

Goel reaches public meeting of Traders of Sadar Bazaar on a traditional horse tonga.
Traders highly enthusiastic in congratulating Modi.

New Delhi 18 th April, 2019 : Union Minister and former Delhi BJP President Vijay
Goel today visited Asia’s biggest wholesale market and Traders Hub Sadar Bazaar on
a traditional horse tonga to meet traders & small businessmen.
Goel said that Traders are highly enthusiastic in praising and congratulating Hon’ble
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and BJP is the party which has incorporated the
interests of Traders in its Manifesto. Therefore, Traders Associations have issued
market circulars in praise of the Prime Minister in their respective market hubs.
Goel said that all Traders want to again see Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister
of the Country and therefore, the slogan which has been coined for this conference is
“Traders for Modi”.
Goel informed that all the arrangements at the Talkatora Stadium have been
completed and those Traders who will be witnessing the programme on Friday, 19 th
April, 2019, may not be all round supporters of BJP, but they want to see Shri
Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister again because of the economic reforms
introduced which have proven to be instrumental in making India the sixth largest
economy of the world. Apart from this, the GST procedures have been simplified and
this has led to a belief and confidence in Traders that in the times to come, only PM
Modi can run a stable and growth led economy.
Goel said that the foremost interest of Traders is that the Country should be safe from
external and internal threats, so that the business can prosper and run smoothly and it
is common knowledge that nobody understands National Security better than PM
Modi. It is well known that only in a safe and secured environment ,the conditions for
growth and prosperity of business can be achieved.
Goel appealed to all Traders and Businessmen to participate wholeheartedly with full
enthusiasm and contribute in making the programme, a grand success. This
programme has been organized specially to express gratitude to Hon’ble Prime
Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

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