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Public support on Demonetisation, GST would be known once BJP wins all seven seats

Kejriwal misleading residents of unauthorized colonies 
Congress enticing poor with Rs 72,000 forms of “Nyay Minimum Scheme” 
Priyanka Gandhi should refrain from using undignified language
Public support on Demonetisation, GST would be known once BJP wins all seven seats 
New Delhi, May 9, 2019: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is making false, baseless allegations that the Bharatiya Janata Party would raze unauthorized colonies and hand the land to rich people for building flats.
Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel said the false allegations of Kejriwal reveals how low can he stoop for vote-bank politics. He does not know that these are called unauthorized colonies, and not “Kutchi” colonies. For him, they may be “Kutchi” colonies, for the BJP they are “Pakki” colonies which need to be regularized.
Goel said that Kejriwal had promised in his manifesto (Point No. 56) that he would regularize these unauthorized colonies and open the registries of such properties so that people could avail loan against them. But since he has failed to fulfill his promise, he is casting aspersions on the BJP.
Goel said that only the Delhi government is responsible for this  mess because it has failed to finalize the layout plan and boundaries even after being in the power for the past four-and-a-half years. Once the BJP forms its government in Delhi and in the Centre, we would begin the process within a span of two months.
Goel said the Congress had also betrayed the public of Delhi in 2013 in a similar fashion when Sheila Dikshit promised to regularize the residents of unauthorized colonies by distributing provisional certificates to them. Both the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party are cheating the people of Delhi.
Congress is enticing people with Rs 72,000 through “Nyay Minimum Scheme”
Vijay Goel charged the Congress of indulging in vote bank politics by asking the poor to fill a “Nyay Minimum Scheme” form. It is being propagated that whoever with the annual income of less than Rs 144,000 fills up this form would get Rs 6000 every month once the Congress comes to power.
Goel said that the Congress has not even announced enough number of candidates to form the government in Centre, and it would get even less than 44 seats this time. With this backdrop, asking people to fill the forms is akin to offering them a bribe.
Goel said that he has submitted a memorandum to the Election Commission in this regard, seeking strict action against the Congress.
Goel calls Priyanka Gandhi’s open challenge a joke
Goel said that Priyanka Gandhi has thrown an open challenge to Prime Minister Modi to fight the polls on the issues of demonetization, GST and women’s security. She has forgotten that the BJP had come to power in Gujarat after the GST implementation. The BJP government was again formed in Uttar Pradesh after the demonetization, and we have won 6 assembly elections on the issues of demonetization, GST and women’s security.
Goel said it does not behoove Priyanka Gandhi to use words like Duryodhan for the Prime Minister. Once the BJP wins all the seven seats in Delhi, Priyanka would get to know how happy traders are with the GST because today 98% of the items are at or below the GST tax slab of 18 percent and GST norms have also been simplified. 

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