Vijay Goel

Goyal meets Rajnath for swift punishment in Dhruv Tyagi Murder

One of the reasons for the rise of crimes is Bangladeshi Rohingya – Goyal
Kejriwal is silent on Dhruv Tyagi murder due to his vote bank – Goyal
New Delhi, May 15, 2019: Union Minister and former BJP Delhi state president Vijay Goel, JD(U) leader K. C. Tyagi and Kapil Mishra met Home Minister Rajnath Singh today and appealed for the swift punishment to accused in the murder case of Dhruv Tyagi. Goyal said that everyone should condemn the case of the murder of Dhruv Tyagi in West Delhi. Along with Goyal, Dhruv Tyagi's wife and daughter also met Rajnath Singh and shared the details of the case to the Home Minister.
Goyal said besides the Dhruv Tyagi, Rupesh Basoya, Ankit Saxena and Dr. Pankaj Narang are other cases where murders took place on the streets, and hence the police need to take strict action so that no such incidents are repeated. It seems like the fear of the police has vanished and its credibility needs to be strengthened. The readiness that the police has shown in this case, the same should be shown in other general cases as well. Goyal said that the accused was already on bail in a murder case and there was no previous history of any dispute between the two families. It should be reviewed that why then such crimes are taking place in the city.
Goyal said that one of the reasons behind the rise in crime in Delhi is that Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh are in large numbers. Offering solace to the family of Dhruv Tyagi, Goyal also requested Rajnath Singh to provide job and financial assistance to the family members.
Goyal also said that while Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has all the time in the world to comment on every other national issue and issues of other states, this time he has chosen to remain silent to protect his vote bank.

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