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Release funds to municipal corporations immediately

Goel to hold meetings in parks to reveal step-motherly treatment meted out to municipal corporations
Goel to release white paper on excesses committed on municipal corporations

New Delhi, May 18, 2019:  Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel wrote a letter today to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and said that the financial health of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation is deteriorating because of the Delhi government and as a result, there are not enough funds to pay even the salaries to the employees, and doctors and teachers are forced to go on strike. 
Goel said in his letter that Dy. Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Health Minister Satyendra Jain have been sitting on the files and the first installment of the budgetary funds to the municipal corporations in the new financial year is still to be received. The East Delhi Municipal Corporation should have received Rs 142 crore for education, Rs 207 crore for basic tax assignment, Rs 25 crore for sanitation and about Rs 11 crore for education in the April-June 2019 quarter. 
Similarly, Rs 150 crore to East Delhi MCD, Rs 300 crore to North Delhi MCD and Rs 225 crore to South Delhi MCD should have been received every month for paying salaries. 
Your M B Branch of Urban Development Ministry had written a letter to Chairman of the standing committee of the East Delhi MCD in December 2018, saying the Delhi government started a new scheme for the municipal corporation, under which Rs 1000 crore has been provisioned so that the municipal corporation could improve the roads. Yet not a single penny has been received so far. 
Delhi government is giving step-motherly treatment to the three MCDs by not releasing the funds on time because the Aam Aadmi Party could not form its government in these municipal corporations. However, this does not mean the funds meant for public welfare are stopped. This is directly affecting the people of Delhi for which only the Delhi government is responsible. 
Goel said that if the people of Delhi has given you the responsibility of running the Delhi government and the responsibility of the municipal corporation to us, it should not be linked to electoral politics. Our priorities should be to carry out development in Delhi. Goel said the Delhi government should provide details of the funds released to the MCDs.
Goel said if the Delhi government does not release funds on time, he would conduct meetings in parks in mornings to inform the people of Delhi about the excesses committed by the Delhi government and how the Delhi government is not letting the MCDs work so that the BJP gets humiliated in public.
Goel said he would soon release a white paper on the step-motherly treatment meted out to the MCDs by the Delhi government. 

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