Vijay Goel

Goel held dialogue with doctors for three hours

Goel gets resident doctors of Hindu Rao hospital to end their strike

New Delhi, May 21, 2019: Owing to step-motherly treatment to the BJP-
ruled Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD) by the Kejriwal government
by not releasing funds on time, resident doctors of the Hindu Rao hospital
had gone on strike after they failed to receive their salaries for the past
three months.  Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel
said that the Kejriwal government should be ashamed that it is not letting
the municipal corporations function.
Goel met the resident doctors today who were on strike for the past four
days because they had not received their three-month salaries. East Delhi
MCD Mayor Avtar Singh was also with him.
Goel sat along with the doctors on strike for the three hours during which
he talked to the Municipal Commissioner Versha Joshi and asked Hindu
Rao Hospital’s Medical Superintendent Sangita Ajmani to come down to
the strike site. He later held several rounds of talks with doctors over their
Goel didn’t leave the strike site until the time two-month salaries of the
resident doctors got credited into their bank accounts. Following this, he
asked the Medical Superintendent of the Hindu Rao hospital to assure the
doctors that their third-month salaries too will be credited in their
accounts either today or at most tomorrow. Their demand for the release
of arrears would be put up to the competent authority. Goel also
informed that no punitive action would be taken against doctors who had
been on strike. Resident doctors were also assured that their other,
sixteen demands would also be discussed and resolved amicably in
consultation with the members of RDA and Commissioner and Addl.
Commissioner (Health).

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