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Killers of Sub Inspector Raj Kumar should get exemplary punishment – Goel

Goel offered condolences to bereaved family of Sub Inspector Raj Kumar      
New Delhi, May 21, 2019: Killers of Sub Inspector Raj Kumar should get
exemplary punishment. Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel
visited Kasturba Nagar in Shahdara to offer condolences to the bereaved family of
Sub Inspector Raj Kumar.
Goel sat with the family members for about two hours during which he was
informed that the area is facing liquor and gambling issues. The killers had a doubt
that Sub Inspector Raj Kumar reports complaints on liquor and gambling, and
hence he was attacked.
Goel said that assailant Bhuri has been arrested and the police can now identify
the person who had attacked Raj Kumar. Goel said it is a matter of concern that
the criminal activities are going on while a police chowki is barely a few meters
Goel instructed the area’s SHO and SSP that, as per the CCTV footage, it seems
the attack led to the heart attack of Raj Kumar. Hence criminals should get strict
Goel asked why is the Delhi government which offers 1 crore to the bereaved
families of the policemen dying on duty keeping silence on this matter, and why no
minister of the Delhi government or any other politician visited the bereaved family
yet? Delhi Chief Minister is only concerned about his own security; is there no
policy with the Delhi government for the security of a common man?
Goel said that if the liquor and gambling are rampant in the area, strict action must
be taken against it. Besides this, strict enforcement of the law is necessary for all
the areas wherever people are facing the same issues of liquor and gambling.

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