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Business Standard- Union minister Vijay Goel slams AAP over issue of air pollution, takes out cycle rally in protest

Union minister Vijay Goel took out a cycle rally on Friday to protest against the AAP government's failure to control air pollution in the national capital.

Goel accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of keeping its political interest above its obligations to people of Delhi.

"Air pollution was not only a major issue for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls but bigger than the demand for full statehood for Delhi. But, AAP for political gains chose to campaign on the issue of full statehood," he said.

Along with his supporters, Goel rode a cycle from Nirman Vihar Metro station.

He said that he would hold morning meetings at local parks with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to "expose" the AAP government's "failure" in checking the menace.

"Instead of full statehood, pollution should have been the main issue for them because it kills 10,000 people every year in Delhi," he said.

"I will hold cycle rallies and park meetings to inform the common people about how Kejriwal has left them to die due to pollution by taking no remedial action…pollution is the real issue in Delhi; full statehood is just an eyewash by Kejriwal, he alleged.

He alleged AAP government "failed" to curb sources of pollution such as industrial pollutants and vehicular emissions, and tried to "hoodwink" the people through odd-even scheme of road rationing that too did not work.

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