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The Hindu- Goel leads BJP cadre in burning symbolic tower of AAP’s promises

Union Minister and BJP leader Vijay Goel on Wednesday responded to the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) decision to burn his party’s past manifestos by torching a symbolic “tower of the 70-point action plan” of AAP’s manifesto.

Accusing him of having “weakened the demand for statehood” Mr. Goel led party cadre in torching a tower of AAP’s “failed promises, advertisements, hoardings, and posters” at Jantar Mantar here so that “no future government cheats the people of Delhi by making false promises.”

“It has been more than four years since Arvind Kejriwal came to power. Yet he has not been able to fulfil even a single of the 70 promises listed in AAP’s election manifesto,” Mr. Goel alleged.

‘Failed promises’

According to Mr. Goel, 15 lakh CCTV cameras have not been installed, citizens are still waiting for free Wi-Fi, no buses are added, unauthorised colonies are still to be regularised, the Yamuna is still dirty, 2 lakh toilets in JJ colonies have not been built and a solar city is still a dream.

Mr. Goel alleged that instead of fulfilling his electoral promises, Mr. Kejriwal “kept indulging in one or another political drama” to hide his failures. The demand for statehood status for Delhi is “just another drama of Kejriwal” as the elections are only a few weeks away, he argued.

“I support statehood status for Delhi, but it should not be extended if the Chief Minister happens to be an anarchist, who insults the Republic Day celebrations, periodically clashes with the Lieutenant Governor and the MCDs and fails to bring any development to the city,” Mr. Goel said.

“Kejriwal is well aware of the decision of the Supreme Court over sharing of powers. Yet, he continues to indulge in theatrics and misleads the people of Delhi on the matter of statehood using foul language,” he added

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