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Kejriwal, who has promised free water to people of Delhi, is not even able to provide drinkable quality water to Delhi

Goel agitates at BaratootiChowkagainst Water issue in Delhi 
Goel with RWA will agitate on issues pertaining to water

New Delhi, June 4, 2019: On the water crises issue, Bharatiya Janata Party leader (BJP) and Ex President Delhi BJP Vijay Goel today said that he along with NGOs and RWA will agitate and hold public meetings at various parts of Delhi against Kejriwal Government.
Dharna at BaratootiChowk in Delhi, Goel while addressing the agitation said that entire Delhi is facing severe shortage of water problem and people of Delhi are bearing the heat of the same. Water is dirty, smelly and undrinkable at places in Delhi which are getting water. According to people of Delhi, their only expectation is to get clean drinking. Goel said that the water is dirty because, the underground reservoir been used is dirty and is never cleaned. People are not getting water but are getting increased water bills.
Goel said that Kejriwal government is solely responsible for the mess. Despite been aware that summers will be scorcher this time, Delhi government has made no preparations. Delhi Jal Board has met only once during this summers, interestingly DJB makes no plan for drinking water in summers. Due to shortage of water, Tanker Mafia is selling water at 10 times and Kejriwal is acting as if he is raiding at various places.
Goel said that Delhi needs 1,140 MGD water, during this summers, Delhi has received only 840 MGD water. Leakage of Drinking water is highest in Delhi.
Goel said that Kejriwal government has now no excuse for not providing drinking water to delhities, because entire water department is under Delhi Government. LG or Centre government doesn’t have any role in it and Kejriwal is also the head of Delhi Jal Board.
Goel said that Kejriwal government has said that in Delhi every house who has water meter will get 20,000 litre of free water per month. Today there are 21 lakh meters in Delhi, of which 7 lakh meters are faulty. These 7 lakh faulty meters are not been replaced as once replaced with working meters, Delhi government have to provide free water.

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