Vijay Goel

Why didn’t Kejriwal talk about women safety in four and a half years?

Free metro and bus travel for women in just a poll plank
After losing all seven Lok Sabha seats in the national capital, Kejriwal wants to win elections by giving subsidy

New Delhi, Jan 3, 2019: The Bharatiya Janata Party leader (BJP) and Ex President Delhi BJP Vijay Goel today said that Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had betrayed the people and failed to fulfill the promises, he made during the elections.
He added that that Kejriwal had accepted himself in a press conference today that he made false promises, which he has been unable to complete them for four and a half years.
BJP leader and former president of Delhi BJP Goel alleged that therefore, the Chief Minister of Delhi is once again trying to mislead the people of Delhi by offering free travel in Metro and buses.
Kejriwal is exposed now and people of Delhi have completely rejected the Aam Aadmi Party.  As they have lost all seven parliamentary seats in Delhi, Kejriwal is again trying to lure voters offering free rides in Metro and DTC buses for women to hoodwink them in view of the assembly elections scheduled early next year in Delhi.
Goel said that Kejriwal is now talking about free travel for women in metro and buses but why he did not do anything for the safety and security of women in the city in last four and a half years. Are millions of women travelling in three-wheelers, Taxi, Ola, Uber Cab or private cars not safe? This is the same government and CM Kejriwal, who were stalling the Phase 4 of the Delhi Metro.
Goel said that he is talking about the subsidy on electricity, water and metro. From where will this money come? He will use public money. He is receiving applause and support of the people by giving subsidy to people using people money. About three million people travel in the metro, of which 9 lakh are women. There are poor people in large number in the city, who deserve subsidy more than women. Because Delhi’s elections are nearing, Kejriwal is talking about Metro and CCTV now.
Questioning the government’s move, Goel said that the announcement of free Metro and buses rides is only a false promise because today they have just asked for the suggestions. They plan to roll out the scheme by September. So the Aam Aadmi Party itself is saying that the elections can happen in October. It is clear that this announcement was just an election plank to garner votes.
Goel said that the plan to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras was part of the Aam Aadmi Party’s manifesto and now they are saying that by November, only 1.5 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed, which is again an election announcement. For four and a half years, this government was sleeping, it neither worked to curb pollution, cleaning of Yamuna, nor to reduce traffic jam. The problem of parking is not resolved. No new school was constructed. It failed to build a new college or a hospital. And it has also been unable to tackle the drinking water crisis and clean drains, in rains, waterlogging will take place.

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