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Goel comes to aid robbed woman autorickshaw driver

Goel to begin contributing his MP monthly salary for needy
Helping needy and social work gives self-satisfaction – Goel 
New Delhi, June 6, 2019: Saddened by the incident of the robbery of Delhi’s first woman driver Sunita Choudhary, BJP leader and MP Vijay Goel decided today to help Sunita Choudhary by contributing Rs 30,000 out of his MP salary to compensate for her loss.
Goel said that he was pained to see that such an incident has happened with an independent woman who has the spirit to fight for her bright future and who has been earning her livelihood by driving autorickshaw for the past fifteen years. He said he could relate how it feels when the hard-earned saving is lost. Sunita had planned to use her Rs 10,000 to buy a new autorickshaw and secure a new permit. Sunita is the first woman in Delhi to drive autorickshaw. On Tuesday, while Sunita was on her way back home, she was robbed of Rs 30,000 allegedly by members of an auto gang.
Goel said he hopes his small contribution would save Sunita from the mental agony and the suffering of hiring an auto on the daily rent of Rs 300 and earn her livelihood with peace and dignity. He said women are increasingly making their mark in every sphere of life and everyone must do their bit to support them and help them grow.
Goel said that he has helped in this manner earlier as well, and aiding others brings self-satisfaction to oneself. He said from now onwards, every month, he would begin contributing his basic monthly MP salary of Rs 1 lakh for the welfare of the people staying in JJ colonies and slums. He said not only the JJ colonies faced the lack of development works, the youth and women staying there has no opportunity to secure jobs or receive skill training so that they can improve their lives. Goel said if any needy wishes to learn a new skill or receive training or education, he will try his best to ensure they do not suffer and lag behind for the lack of resources.  

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