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Forget free water, Kejriwal government is unable to provide even water – Goel

Goel puts “Janta ki Pyaau”, attacks Kejriwal on water crisis
Every fifth house in Delhi is deprived of water pipeline 
New Delhi, June 10, 2019: Senior BJP leader and former BJP Delhi president Vijay Goel put “Janta ki Pyaau” at Red Light Chowk of Baljeet Nagar on the issue of water crisis in Delhi and said that while Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal talks about giving free water, the fact is people in Delhi is unable to get water. He said that several areas in Delhi, including Baljeet Nagar, are facing severe water scarcity; even the water that the people are receiving is dirty with a foul smell.
Many women in Baljeet Nagar turned up at today’s event and shared how their family lives are deteriorating owing to lack of water. A woman named Sudha said that her son has cancer and in such circumstances, she has to spend much of her time looking for the water. Another female participant named Aarti said that even after giving Rs. 10,000, water comes in her area late at night and by the time she is done filling vessels and buckets with water, it gets 4 am in the morning. It is unfortunate that even after being in the power for the past four and a half years, the Kejriwal government have failed to provide even basic amenities like water to the public.
Goel said that the Kejriwal government should wake up. In many areas, the pipelines are still to be laid and in some areas, while the pipelines have been laid 3-4 years ago, the people there are still receiving the water through tankers. Poor women are compelled to stand in long queues for hours as tanker mafia continues to dominate the market. It is a shame that people are forced to pay high prices even to buy water.

Delhi Jal Board figures show that every fifth house in Delhi does not have access to water pipeline. Goel said that he will take his water agitation to every street and colony so that the message reaches out to the people of Delhi that a government which cannot provide power-water to its people does not deserve to be in the power.

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