Vijay Goel

Goel throws open challenge for debate on water crisis to DJB Chairman and CM Kejriwal

If fighting for rights of Delhiites is “gundagardi”, I will continue to fight
If water crisis is not addressed, people will soon gherao CM Kejriwal
New Delhi, June 13, 2019: BJP leader and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel today said in a press conference that he will not accept the way Aam Aadmi Party leaders and the Chief Minister of Delhi are politicizing the issue of water shortage in the city. Besides Goel, MLA O P Sharma and Jal Board member Jai Prakash too leveled charges against the Delhi government.
The Chief Minister must answer why the water crisis has arisen in Delhi today. Things have come to such a pass that in most of the places in Delhi, either water does not come on time or even if it does, it is contaminated.
Goel said that the Delhi Jal Board itself admits that the number of water tankers has increased in Delhi; this means, water is not coming through pipelines. The situation has become so horrific that public fights in neighborhoods over water have become a norm. The poor are standing in the long queues for hours to fill their buckets with water, instead of going to work. The Delhi Government admits that it supplies 936 MGD water while the water requirement is 1140 MGD. Even the Jal Board CEO said that 45% of the water coming through pipelines goes waste for without any billing. Water shortage is not an issue, water management is.
Goel said that the Jal Board officials have accused that I brought goons and created ruckus inside the CEO office. To those who are leveling these allegations, let me tell them: first, the people who gathered at the Jal Board were no goons, they were the complainants. Second, if demanding water for Delhiites is “gundargardi” (hoolinganism) then I would go to any extent to fight for the rights of people. MLA O P Sharma and Jai Prakash shared the complaints they have been receiving from the people. Goel sais that, at present, we only gheraoed the CEO of Delhi Jal Board, but if the conditions of water in Delhi do not improve, the people of Delhi will soon gherao Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
Goel said that he had given a 6-point letter to the CEO, but his reply was unsatisfactory. His demands are:
1.            A task force to address contaminated water immediately
2.            Uploading the public complaints on the website of DJB
3.            Waiving-off the bills of people not receiving water or those who are receiving contaminated water
4.            Strict action against tanker mafia
5.            Release of a summer action plan
6.            Water connection to every household in Jhuggi-Jhopri colonies
I want to ask the people of Delhi – are these demands justified or not?
The problems in Delhi have become horrific and the Chief Minister is not ready to admit any problem. So through media, I challenge the Chief Minister for debate on water crisis in Delhi.

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