Vijay Goel

People should protest against Kejriwal on water and power problems

Goel addressed gathering of Group Housing Societies Federation
in Dwarka 
Public must come forward on clean Delhi 

New Delhi, June 16, 2019: Senior BJP leader and former BJP Delhi
President Vijay Goel appealed to the people of Delhi to protest against
Kejriwal on issues of water and electricity. People should come out in open
against the water shortage and increase in fixed charges in electricity bills. 
Goel was speaking today in the meeting convened by the Federation of 300
Group Housing Societies in Dwarka. In Delhi, there are 1900 group housing
societies whose problems are not being taken care of. Goel addressed the
gathering of the Co-operative Housing Society Federation in Indraprastha
Extension of Patparganj yesterday, and hundreds of members of another
Society in Dwarka today. Former legislator Rajesh Gehlot and councilor Nitika
Sharma also addressed the gathering today.
Various RWA of Societies shared their problems with Goel.
Goel said that the FAR of the societies needs to be increased for
redevelopment because these societies are 40 to 50 years old. Electricity,
water, property taxes are being collected in huge sums and they are not being
maintained like other DDA societies.
More than 1 million people live in these nearly 1900 societies. These societies
want their roads, streetlights, houses to be maintained in the same way as is
being done in the House Building Society Area. Parking and other facilities are
also needed.
Goel said that he would mobilize all group housing societies to solve all their
problems. The Kejriwal government has not done any work on pollution and
Yamuna in Delhi and, he must not be forgiven. No new school, hospital or
college has opened in Delhi.
Goel said Kejriwal is lying that electricity bills have not increased, while the
fact is that at least 30 percent of the people's bill has increased, including
those of poor slum dwellers. Due to the poor management of water in Delhi
today, Delhi is either thirsty or drinking dirty water.
For the past one month, Goel has been addressing the people in parks daily in
the morning at 6.30 a.m and tell the public how they can take care of their city

while cooperating in the cleanliness and other schemes of Prime Minister
Narendra Modi.

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