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Kejriwal govt had been sleeping for 4 years, now misusing public money – Goel

Goel to visit Mohalla Clinics and to issue white paper on that
Goel sharing failures of Kejriwal govt through "Park Chalo" initiative

New Delhi, June 23, 2019 : Former BJP Delhi President and MP Vijay Goel said he would visit
Mohalla Clinics and expose the tall claims of CM Kejriwal being made on Mohalla Clinics.
Goel was speaking in a meeting with the people in Janakpuri under his "Park Chalo" initiative. The initiative is underway for the past fifteen days in some or another park in

Goel said that for the past four years Kejriwal had been blaming and cursing the Prime
Minister for his own failures, to the extent that Kejriwal said Modi would get him killed, and
today he pretends to work with the Centre amicably and wants to show the PM his Mohalla
Clinics. What could be worse than that the time has come to such a pass that the Delhi
government is compelled to open Mohalla Clinics in one or another street? Kejriwal gets
himself treated in Bangalore and wants the people of Delhi to seek treatment in Mohalla
Clinics because the government hospitals in Delhi are in shambles and he has failed to open
any new hospital.
Goel asked the Kejriwal government to present the report card on pollution and healthcare.
Today Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. The Delhi government is not interested in
cleaning the Yamuna and addressing the pollution issues because of which the people of
Delhi are facing a host of health issues.
For the past 15 days, Goel had been meeting the people of Delhi in parks to share how the
capital city is being ruined by the Kejriwal government. And since the elections are getting
close now, today he would seek new places to open Mohalla Clinics, install CCTVs, and
launch Chandrawal treatment plant, or initiate the development works in unauthorized
Goel said to the people that since the Kejriwal government has woken up now, it shows the
government had been sleeping till now. Citizens need to be alert that the public money
would be misused to serve Kejriwal's political interest. It would serve better if the Delhi
government takes decision thoughtfully, and not out of haste.

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