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Goel leads delegation to DERC Chairman, asks to return money taken as fixed charge

Fixed charges have increased to 6 times – Goel
Electricity bills have become costlier – Goel 
New Delhi, July 1, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel today led a delegation to the DERC Chairman Satyendra Singh Chouhan over the issue of rising electricity bills and asked him to roll back the fixed charges which are being levied in the bills.
Goel informed that fixed charges have been unnecessarily increased to 6 times. He added that a public agitation would follow if the money collected as fixed charges is not returned back to the people of Delhi. The delegation comprised URD General secretary Saurabh Gandhi, Swaraj Foundation Chairman Manoj Kumar Singhal and URD secretary BB Tiwari.
Goel questioned the need for levying fixed charges on 23,000 MW when the demand load of Delhi is 7000 Megawatt. Goel also added that the bills have become costlier because 3.8% is charged to provide pension to DESU employees. As per the estimates, the power firms earn revenue of Rs 21,000 crore, i.e. Rs 800 crore are being imposed on consumers without any reason.
Goel said that the money collected in this way needs to be adjusted and given back to the consumers. He said he would raise these issues at DERC public hearing since the reply from the DERC Chairman was unsatisfactory.

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