Vijay Goel

Goel visits old city vandalism of Mata Durga temple

Both communities assured to maintain harmony
Role of Imran Hussain in attack should be probed – Goel 

New Delhi, July 2, 2019: Rajya Sabha MP and former Chandni Chowk MP Vijay Goel arrived Lal Kua today to tour the area after the incident of vandalism on Mata Durga Mandir in Old Delhi and appealed both the communities to maintain peace and harmony. Joint Commissioner Ayush Khurana and DCP Randhawa were also present along with him and Goel spoke to them in Hauz Khaji police station in presence of members of both the communities.
Goel said that both the communities have assured him that they would live in harmony with each other. The people gathered said that the incident of stone-pelting on the ancient Mother Durga Temple should be condemned and the accused should be punished strictly and immediately. Police informed that 3 persons have been arrested so far and the search for others is still on. Muslim people promised Goel to maintain the “Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb” of Chandi Chowk because Goel had carried out many development works for the Muslim community as well during his tenure as MP.
Goel said that local people apprised him that Food and Supplies Minister of Delhi government Imran Hussain had arrived at the incident to encourage the vandalism. People said that Hussain gathered the mob which later attacked the temple. Goel said that this could be the reason why Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party have chosen to remain silent on this matter. Goel demanded that the role of Imran Hussain in the vandalism too should be investigated.

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