Vijay Goel

Goel stages Dharna on failure of Kejriwal on regularization of colonies, agitation to follow

Padyatras would follow to expose Kejriwal’s betrayal – Goel
Regularisation process would speed up if BJP comes to power in Delhi – Goel 
New Delhi, July 25, 2019: After lending voice to the residents of Group Housing Societies, Rajya Sabha MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel staged Dharna today at Jantar Mantar to expose the betrayal by the Kejriwal government on the issue of regularization of unauthorized colonies. MP Parvesh Verma and Hansraj Hans also staged Dharna along with Goel.
Goel said that CM Kejriwal is misleading the people of Delhi on regularization as the onus was on the Delhi government to demarcate the boundaries of unauthorized colonies, which it failed to finish in the past four and a half years and is now seeking more time up to 2021. Today, the same Chief Minister is saying he would not tolerate a minute’s delay in getting colonies regularized.
Goel said that Padyatras would be held in the unauthorized colonies in the days to come to expose this betrayal and double-standards of CM Kejriwal. He said the Kejriwal is fooling the public in the same way the Sheila Dikshit government did in the run-up to 2008 assembly polls when it had provided false provisional regularization certificates to regularize 1200 colonies. Even after 10 years, the properties of these colonies are still to witness any sale or purchase.
Parvesh Verma said that instead of exhibiting confrontationist attitude, had Kejriwal worked in cooperation with the Centre in the past four years, the colonies would have got regularized by now. But instead of working for the welfare of the people of Delhi, Chief Minister kept on blaming the Centre for everything under the sun to further his own political ambitions.
Hansraj Hans said that since the Kejriwal government had failed to finish the delineation work, the Centre would now take up the work of carrying out the survey using drones and remote sensing technology.
Goel said that the Kejriwal government left the residents of unauthorized colonies to fend for themselves and that these residents would certainly punish the Chief Minister in the forthcoming assembly polls. He said the people of Delhi are regretting bringing the AAP into power; the people should give a chance to the BJP. The BJP is already in the centre, and if it comes to power in the state, the process of regularization of these colonies would speed up. 

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