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Kejriwal betrayed auto-rickshaw drivers – Goel

Hundreds of auto-rickshaw drivers become BJP members
 Auto-rickshaw drivers quit AAP, resolve to support BJP
auto-rickshaw drivers listened PM's Mann Ki Baat 

New Delhi, July 28, 2019: Hundreds of auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers took BJP
membership today at the residence of Rajya Sabha MP and former BJP Delhi
President Vijay Goel. Goel himself added them into the BJP fold and appealed them
to engage with the programmes launched by the Modi government to make Delhi a
better city. 
Auto-rickshaw drivers said that there were two key reasons for taking up the BJP
membership: first, the Kejriwal government betrayed them and didn't fulfill the
promises it made to them, and second, they are impressed with the work of PM Modi
and hence they chose to join the BJP. One of the auto-rickshaw drivers said that if
Goel can end the menace of the lottery, he can also fix the issues they are facing. 
Goel said that hundreds of auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers had filled the BJP forms
today. Thousands of auto-rickshaw drivers are willing to join the BJP because they
are not satisfied with the way they have been treated by the Kejriwal government in
the past four and a half years.
Goel said the Kejriwal government had peddled false hopes to these drivers but
failed to deliver on promises of licence, GPS, auto stands, DMC permits. 
Goel said to the auto-rickshaw drivers that he would hold deliberations with the
Centre on improving the conditions of auto-rickshaw drivers. Goel also said that the
auto-rickshaw drivers too need to improve their image and perception among the
public. Before joining the membership, the drivers also listened to Prime Minister
Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat along with Goel.

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