Vijay Goel

Free electricity bill is a political gimmick

Public money being transferred from one pocket to another – Goel
Kejriwal first hikes fixed charge, later reduce it to take credit, says Goel
New Delhi, August 2, 2019: Launching a scathing attack on CM Kejriwal on the announcement of free electricity up to 200 units, Rajya Sabha MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel said that the Chief Minister of Delhi should stop fooling the public because the funds for these bills would come from the public itself, which would now be used to provide the additional subsidy to the discoms. Kejriwal government is simply putting the public money from one pocket to another.
Goel said that he would carry out Padyatras in the JJ colonies to ask people not to get misled by Kejriwal’s false promises of free electricity and free travel for women. Had Kejriwal been really concerned about the rising electricity bills of the public, he would not have hiked the fixed charges at the first place. The Delhi government first increased the fixed charges to up to six times and now when the elections are just a few months away, it has reduced them to score brownie points.
Goel said that Kejriwal had not learned anything from his past mistakes. He feels that he could win the election again with his false promises, while the truth remains that barring Delhi polls, he has not won a single election in the past five years. He fought polls in Punjab, Goa, MCD, Lok Sabha 2019 and lost each of them.
Goel said that it is a matter of shame that the person who came to power on the plank of anti-corruption and against vote-bank politics, is today adopting every immoral poll tactics in his lust for power. Nobody is happy with the announcement of free electricity bills in Delhi because people have now seen the true face of Kejriwal.

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