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3-4 lakh residents of Rohini to benefit from the DDA’s decision to approve amalgamation of plots upto 200 sq-m. – Goel

DDA’s decision to renew lease of Nazul estates will bring relief to businesspersons and residents in Old Delhi- Goel

New Delhi, August 14, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, praised the decisions taken by the Delhi Development Authority. Goel labeled this decision to be “people friendly decision” by the DDA which is under the authority of Modi Government. 
Goel said that Rohini which is the largest residential colony in Delhi, residents had constructed houses by merging their small plots. Since the DDA had not approved the merging of these small plots, several residents were facing problems in registry and regularization of these houses because this was illegal under the previous DDA norms. At that time, Goel had raised their concerns to the DDA and Lt. Governor and had asked them to amend the master plan 2021. Goel said that he is glad that his amendments to the Master Plan 2021 were accepted and that the amalgamation of these small plots upto 200 sq-m has been approved. This decision will benefit approximately 3-4 lakh residents of Rohini.
Goel said that there are thousands of Nazul Estate properties like Sadar Bazaar, Paharganj, Karol Bagh etc. in Delhi whose 90 years lease has expired. People not only do business from these Nazul estates, they also reside here. These people have been facing the problem because their 90 years lease had expired. Goel has been demanding renewal of expired leases for many years. He expressed satisfaction that the DDA has extended the timeline of renewal of leases of Nazul estates. This will bring relief to the businesspersons and residents of Nazul estates, it will also contribute to the planned development of Old Delhi. Goel demanded that the renewal and conversion charges to be kept reasonable.

Appreciating the decisions taken by the DDA, Goel said that the BJP Government at the Centre has been taking commendable steps to resolve issues faced by the residents of Delhi. 

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