Vijay Goel

Gangwar and Goel honoured unsung freedom fighter, Narayan Das Kalra;

Goel requests people to find and help these unsung freedom fighters.

New Delhi, August 16, 2019: On the occasion of Independence Day, MP and former Delhi
BJP President, Vijay Goel, and Union Minister, Santosh Gangwar honoured the 91 year old
freedom fighter Narayan Das Kalra.
Goel said that Shri Narayan Das Kalra runs a helmet and puncture shop in Paharganj which
is in the vicinity of Goel’s old parliamentary constituency. Commending the grit and resolve
of Narayan Das Kalra, who is leading a fight against corruption at 91 years age, Goel said
that he found out through media reports that Kalra has even refused to take freedom fighters
pension. Therefore, Lok Abhiyan decided to felicitate Narayan Das with a shawl, garland and
a memento.
Santosh Gangwar, Union Minister, said that Narayan Das Kalra has contributed to the
wedding of 83 girls. He also said that Narayan Das is ever keen to fight against corruption
and injustice and has helped multiple people in their fight.
Goel said that Narayan Das Kalra is an ardent follower of PM Modi Ji. His shop has so many
slogans praising Modi ji like “modi tere ache kaam, vishv kare bharat ko pranaam”, “baat
ka dhani”, “swacch bharat”, “sabka sath, sabka vikas”, “beti bachao, beti padhao”, “kala
dhan ugalwane ka pakka wayada”.
Goel said that these unsung freedom fighters will be commemorated and honoured from time
to time through “Lok Abhiyan”. Lok Abhiyan will also provide aid and assistance to freedom
fighters. He also requested people to help Lok Abhiyan find these unsung freedom fighters.
Narayan Das Kalra has lived in Jhang district of Pakistan and has participated in campaigns
by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. He continues to be a source of inspiration at 91 years.

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