Vijay Goel

​After Congress, now Kejriwal government is fooling unauthorised colonies- Goel

Goel will lead the campaign organised by Unorganised Colony Mahasangh;
Electing BJP in the State government is the only solution to regularise unauthorised colonies.

New Delhi, August 17, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, will expose the double standards and betrayal of Kejriwal government to 60 lakh residents of unauthorised colonies. This campaign will be organised under the aegis of “Unadhikrit Colony Mahasangh”. The Mahasangh in 2008 had organised a large scale rally in the Ramleela Maidan against the Congress for duping residents of unauthorised colonies by distributing provisional certificates. This campaign is needed because the Kejriwal government is pulling a similar political gimmick. A rally will be organised at the Talkatora stadium.
Goel said that from tomorrow he will start the “unauthorized colony chalo abhiyaan” in lieu of his “park chalo abhiyaan”. Delhi Government’s revenue minister, Kailash Gehlot, has misled the residents of unauthorised colonies by stating that they will start the registration of these colonies from tomorrow. In truth, the revenue department cannot even take a step towards registration until the Central Government releases the rules on regularisation.
Goel said that the residents of unauthorised colonies should comprehend that this is a very complicated matter and its solution requires sustained cooperation from Central Government, Delhi Government, and the Delhi Municipal Corporation.
Goel said that in order to find a permanent solution to the problems of uauthorised colonies, there is a need to elect BJP government in the State on the lines of Centre and Municipal Corporation, Delhi.
He said that the Kejriwal government wasted five years in maligning the Central government. If Kejriwal would have been serious towards the welfare of residents of unauthorised colonies, he would have demarcated the boundaries of these colonies and had come up with a layout plan for these colonies. In order to further his vote bank politics, Kejriwal is announcing decisions after decisions which he will again fail to implement. A few days back, he announced free bus rides for women from 29th October onwards, but by then Delhi elections will be announced. He has already wasted significant amount of exchequers money on advertising free metro rides for women.
Goel said that Delhi government has failed to bring relief to unauthorised colonies. It is the Central Government which constituted a committee under the Lt. Governor on giving ownership rights to residents of unauthorised colonies, and recommending amendments in rules concerning the same. The Delhi government even failed to demarcate the boundaries, and that now this should be done by the DDA.
The other commendable step taken up by the Committee under Lt Governor is to provide better amenities to improve the living standard of these residents. Kejriwal government only wants to steal credits of the work undertaken by the Central Government. Goel said that he will mobilize the unauthorised colonies in the similar manner as he had done for the group housing societies at the Talkatora Stadium. His efforts for these societies have started materializing, and their survey has been started.

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