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The Times Of India- Vijay Goel: Will expose AAP over colony regularisation in Delhi

NEW DELHI: BJP MP Vijay Goel will launch a campaignon Sunday to connect with people in unauthorised colonies on the issue of regularization of the colonies. He told reporters that the campaign will expose the ‘AAP government’s lies’ on the proposal to regularize 1,797 unauthorized colonies located in different parts of the city.
BJP seemingly plans to make regularization of the unauthorized colonies, which house around 60 lakh people, one of the prime issues in the polls.
Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, who led a delegation of party leaders to meet LG Anil Baijal over the regularization of unauthorized colonies on Saturday, alleged that CM Arvind Kejriwal was proving to be an obstacle in the regularization of the unauthorized colonies.
Goel said: “Like previous Congress government, the Kejriwal government is also indulging in a political gimmick on the issue. Delhi’s revenue minister Kailash Gahlot has misled the residents of unauthorized colonies by stating that the AAP government will start the registration of these colonies. The revenue department cannot even take a step towards registration until the Central government releases the rules on regularization,” Goel stated at a press conference on Saturday.
Kailash Gahlot, however, countered the Goel’s statement. He said: “We are making all necessary preparations, expecting that the Central government will give approval to the regularization of the unauthorized colonies. We don’t want any last-minute hassle and inconveniences to the public.”
“The issue is complicated, and requires sustained cooperation from Centre, Delhi government, and the municipal corporations. Had Kejriwal been serious, he would have demarcated the boundaries of these colonies, and come up with a layout plan,” Goel said.
Meanwhile, Tiwari said that the meeting with LG was held to find out the steps being taken at the local level for registry and giving ownership rights. “We want to make sure that the AAP government is not able to create any trouble in the process. It has not implemented various welfare schemes announced by PM Narendra Modi,” he added.

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