Vijay Goel

Goel assesses flood situation and evacuation work in Delhi;

Pressurizes the District Administration to ensure basic facilities in the evacuation camps;
People are lying in scorching sun; the Delhi government has erected only four tents on the roads for show – Goel
If tents not installed, will sit on a strike- Goel

New Delhi, August 21, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, assessed the flood situation and evacuation work in the farmer’s settlement in Pushta, Old Usmanpur and Gadi Mendu.Goel said that the water level of Yamuna has breached the danger level. Even though the Kejriwal government has been claiming that they are prepared for the floods, they have failed to provide even basic amenities like toilets in the tents. Commenting on the plight of the people affected by floods, Goel said that the condition of people is deplorable in these areas. The Delhi Government has erected 4 tents on the road for show only. In the inside roads, the people are lying in the scorching sun.
On seeing the plight of the people, Goel immediately ordered the DM to erect tents and to provide basic facilities of toilet and food to these people in 2 hours. He said that if these people were not provided with tent, food and toilets, he will sit for a strike. Goel said that he visited Old Usmanpur and Gadi Mendu as well but even people in these places did not have the basic facilities.
Goel said that the State Government was negligent in its acts and did not prepare for the floods beforehand despite being aware of the possibility of floods. After being pressurized by Goel, DM North East Shashi Kaushal gave orders to install 40 tents, toilets and lights in Usmanpur village. Goel’s workers also distributed food items to the villagers. 

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