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Hindustan Times- Eye on Delhi assembly polls, BJP plans mega meet with unauthorised colonies residents

Gearing up for the upcoming assembly elections next year, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is reaching out to the residents of unauthorised colonies in the national capital. BJP MP Vijay Goel has planned a mega meet of residents of 1,797 unauthorised colonies, which are considered an Aam Aadmi Party stronghold, on August 31.

Riding high on its victory on all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, the BJP is hoping to repeat the success in the assembly elections. To achieve this objective, BJP members admit, it is important to make a dent in AAP’s vote bank in the unauthorised colonies.

Goel said residents of these colonies have been “fooled” by the Congress in the past and now the AAP. “We want to tell residents of these colonies that their areas can be regularised only when the same political party is in power at the Centre, state and civic agencies. We are in power at the Centre and the civic bodies. If BJP comes to power in the Delhi, we will be able to regularise all the colonies without any legal hassle,” said Goel.

With the Centre initiating the process to give ownership rights to residents of unauthorised colonies, the BJP plans to intensify its campaign to reach out to people in unauthorised colonies.

“After traders, group housing society residents, we are now reaching out to unauthorised colonies to address their concerns. On August 31, we have planned a mega meet with residents of unauthorised colonies. The idea is to tell them why it is important to have the same political party in power in Delhi and how we will be able to expedite the regularisation process,” said Goel.

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