Vijay Goel

Kejriwal Government should refund the money of consumers who paid their bills on time- United Resident Welfare Association

 Release white paper on the functioning of Jal Board- Goel;
 United Resident Welfare Association to launch signature campaign, to connect with people who
paid bills on time;
 Kejriwal Government issued tenders worth thousands of crores in last one year, to earn money
through corruption- Goel.
New Delhi, August 28, 2019: The decision to waive off the pending water dues and surcharge amount by Delhi
CM Kejriwal is a mere election stunt. MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, said that the Delhi
government is discouraging the honest tax payers who pay their bills on time.
Goel said that Kejriwal, who is the Chairman of Jal Board, is announcing these schemes to hide his failures and
the prevalent corruption in the Delhi Jal Board.
Goel said that there has been pervasive corruption in issuing tenders by the Jal Board in last one year. He said
that he will soon expose this corruption. Goel said that the Delhi government should release white paper on the
“Working of Delhi Government” so that the people of Delhi can see that how Kejriwal has been looting them
since last five years. Kejriwal cannot buy the votes of people by resorting to these cheap populist measures.
The United Resident Welfare Association demanded that the Delhi government should also reimburse the
honest bill payers who paid their dues on time. A signature campaign will be organised by it to connect with
people who paid their bills on time.
Goel said that in view of elections, Kejriwal government has been constantly lying to people by misleading
them with freebies. These decisions will either not be implemented or will not actually benefit the people. Goel
said that he wanted to know if Delhi government has paid the Jal Board Rs 484 crore after the waivers
announced in 2016-17? Delhi Jal Board has been allocated the annual budget of Rs 5000 crore, out of which Rs
2500 crore has been allocated for plan development and Rs 2500 crore for revenue/non-planned expenditure.
Yesterday, Kejriwal had said that the Jal Board earned Rs 1800 crores in last financial year. If this is the case,
then the people of Delhi want to know how is Jal Board going to compensate for the losses of Rs 700 crore?
Goel said that he has met so many people who have been claiming that they should also not have paid the bills.
The Kejriwal government can do anything to win the elections. It has been spreading the message that people
can lapse on electricity and water payments without any penalty whatsoever.

Goel said that the Delhi government had declared a scheme of providing 20000 litres of free water but instead
duped the people by not repairing 7 lakh metres out of 23.7 lakh metre connections. Instead, the Delhi
government distributed provisional bills to such people and did not offer any benefits of free 20000 litres of
water. These people had to pay the water bill for 20000 litres of water every month. Kejriwal himself used to
oppose the Automatic Meter Readers (AMR) but because of these meters, 4 lakh consumers are suffering today
and paying bills worth thousand of rupees. This waiver does not guarantee that the unregulated erroneous high
water bills will stop in future. Today, IP 68 standard meters are available in the market for Rs 1400 but those
who have AMR meters, those are still forced to replace their meters with the Jal Board for Rs 7600. Even
Kejriwal himself agrees that these bills do not give accurate readings.
Goel said that the situation is such that in Delhi that the CM has announced tenders worth thousands of crores to
rejuvenate ponds and lakes in Delhi but has not disclosed where this amount for rejuvenation is coming from.
The Delhi Jal Board which in last four years could not release tenders for non-plan works, has released tenders
worth thousands of crores to mislead the people of Delhi. The people want to know how this rejuvenation work
will be completed if the Jal Board does not have the money to pay for it.

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