Vijay Goel

Kejriwal’s goons disrupt Goel’s meeting in Mukherjee Nagar ;

 Return the money of those who have paid water bills ;
 RWA files FIR against AAP’s Dilip Pandey and others;
New Delhi, August 30, 2019: Such is the desperation and disappointment in the AAP that it is resorting to
hooliganism now. MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, was addressing a meeting organised by the
RWA’s federation, United Residents of Delhi asking Kejriwal government to return the money of those honest
people who paid their water bills and penalties on time when Aam Aadmi Party’s leader, Dilip Pandey, arrived
at the venue and started disrupting the meeting. He was later made to leave the venue and an FIR was filed
against him by RWA’s General Secretary, Saurabh Gandhi at Mukherjee Nagar Policy Station.
Goel said that Kejriwal has failed to win even a single election after 2015. Out of 7 Lok Sabha candidates of
Kejriwal, security money of five candidates has been forfeited because of their miniscule vote share in
elections. Now, out of desperation and disappointment, Kejriwal is giving electricity and water bill waivers to
gather votes.
Goel said that with just four months in elections, Kejriwal is trying to dupe the voters. First Kejriwal extorted
money from people in the name of electricity and water bills, and is now fooling them.
Goel said that Aam Aadmi Party has already become non-existent in Punjab, now it is about to become non-
existent in Delhi as well. Multiple leaders of AAP have already left the party. Afraid of losing, Kejriwal has
stooped so low that his workers are now interrupting meetings of RWA.
Goel said that RWA meetings are happening everywhere. People are angry about how their taxes are being
misused for advertisements. Goel said that Kejriwal government is answerable to those people who have paid
their water bills on time. Will it return their money or not?
Goel said that there has been continuous corruption in the tenders passed by the Jal Board. Kejriwal should tell
how many tenders have been passed by him in last one year and when will their work be completed. Kejriwal
government is blatantly releasing false advertisements and has been declaring free schemes but the people are
not benefitting from these. This is only for the advertisement of the AAP government. If Kejriwal government
has been claiming that they are offering 20000litres of free water, then why are people even getting water bills?
Does he want to send a message that people should not pay any bills because after getting votes, he will give
waivers? The people of Delhi will not forgive Kejriwal and will teach him a lesson in upcoming state legislative
assembly elections.

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