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​Why declaring freebies now and not four years ago? – Goel;

Credit of reducing dengue cases in Delhi is MCD's, not Delhi government.

New Delhi, 4 September, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, called out Kejriwal against his wrong doings and for fooling the people of Delhi at Yusuf Sarai Market today.
Goel said that Kejriwal is now giving electricity waiver upto 200 units. If Kejriwal really wanted to benefit people of Delhi, he should have declared free electricity upto 200 units five years ago. He should refund the money worth 200 units of electricity for last five years, and Kejriwal should return money of those who honestly paid their water bills on time.
Goel said that Kejriwal’s “10 weeks, 10 a.m, 10 minute” campaign is a lie. Why did Kejriwal wait for inauguration of the campaign from his residence? The credit of controlling Dengue in Delhi actually goes to Delhi Municipal Corporation where 1920 employees have been working on this since January. Delhi government has nothing to do with Dengue, but since it has money, it is wasting on advertisements and stealing credits.
Goel said that it is because of the efforts of Delhi government that as on 17th August, 2017, there were only 57 cases of Dengue, 111 of Malaria and 120 of Chikungunya in Delhi. To spread awareness, the MCD has been sending bulk messages. People can call their toll free helpline number 1800112260 to complain about stagnant water. MCD has also started a joint awareness campaign for RWAs and Municipal Councilors. In addition to this, Nigam has sent letters to Jal Board, PWD, CPWD, DDA, RWAs, educational institutes, religious places etc. to ensure that their drains are clean and not stalling so that mosquitoes cannot breed there. 

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