Vijay Goel

Sale of air purifiers will inform Kejriwal about the State of Delhi’s pollution

 With four months in Delhi elections, Kejriwal now making false claims;
 To reach ambient air quality levels, pollution needs to be reduced by 65%- CSE report
September 6, 2019, New Delhi: MP and former Delhi BJP President, Vijay Goel said that when Delhi
has slipped by six ranks to 118 th rank because of pollution in the Global Liveability Report of Economist
Intelligence Unit then Kejriwal is making false claims on the State of Delhi’s pollution.
According to a report by the Centre for Science and Environment, for Delhi to reach ambient air quality
levels, it needs to reduce pollution by 65%. The Kejriwal government has not taken any steps to reduce
pollution. Mr. Kejriwal has lied about his minister, Imran Hussain, has been inspecting construction sites
in Delhi which are causing pollution. Imran Hussain is himself a builder who does a lot of unchecked
illegal constructions.
Kejriwal is saying that the number of generators has reduced but he should see that there has been an
exponential increase in the sale of air purifiers in Delhi. People are being forced to buy air purifiers
ranging from Rs 9000 to Rs 36000 because of the worsening state of air quality in Delhi. The sale of air
purifiers because of pollution has increased by hundred percent.
Goel said that pollution will not reduce by quoting numbers. A lot of people have become “pollution
refugees” because of inhaling the poisonous air of Delhi. According to a survey, 35% people want to
leave Delhi because of air pollution,
Delhi ranks first in air pollution, according to a 2018 report published by the World Health Organisation.
A study by Centre for Chest Surgery Department of Gangaram Hospital has said that the number of lung
cancer patients who are non-smokers has increased in Delhi.
Goel said that it is after the Kejriwal government came into power that Delhi has faced such massive
pollution issues and out of helplessness, Kejriwal government had to do the drama of odd-even scheme.
Goel quoting a report of 4 th September by the Centre for Science and Environment said that the
improvement in air quality of Delhi is very marginal. Because the elections are approaching, Chief
Minister of Delhi is now selectively quoting reports to mislead the people of Delhi.

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