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 Kejriwal did not co-operate with Central government for five years- Goel.

 First government after 1947 to take firm and decisive steps; 
 People congratulated Modi ji for completing 100 days of government;

September 8, 2019, New Delhi: President of Akhil Bhartiya Vaish Samaj, MP Vijay
Goel is uniting the Vaish samaj in Delhi for positive development.  Today members
of Vaish samaj gathered at Goel’s residence to thank Shri Modi ji for  decisive and
big decisions. After 1947, if any government has taken firm and decisive steps on
Article 370, motor vehicle act, triple talaq, mission fit India etc. then it is Modi Ji's
Goel said that entire India is standing united on national and international issues
especially Article 370 except for Congress party whose statements are giving force
to Pakistan. It is important  to provide support to Modi ji for a better India
People of Vaish Samaj are worried about contributing to the development of Delhi
which has been converted to a slum in last five years under Kejriwal government. It
was decided that Vaish Samaj will plant trees and will inspire people to cover their
building during construction so that the dust does not pollute the environment. To
spread awareness about traffic rules, they will run a Jan Jagran Abhiyaan as well.
Goel said that if Delhi's Chief Minister, Kejriwal would have implemented the Central
government schemes to Delhi and would have cooperated with Central government
then Delhi would not have slipped to 118th rank in World Liveability Index or would
have been extremely polluted. Kejriwal government has not implemented Ayushman
Bharat or Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in Delhi. People of jhuggi-jhopdis in Delhi will
not forgive Kejriwal.
Goel said that Kejriwal should apologise to the people of Delhi for misusing the
Exchequer for his vote bank politics. For five years, Kejriwal government did not
work for Delhi and kept blaming Modi ji for not letting him work. Today, even Kejriwal
is forced to appreciate the work done by Modi ji. If he would have understood this
earlier, at least some development would have happened in Delhi. 
Goel said that Centre has BJP government and Delhi will be properly developed only
when BJP government comes in state as well.

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My visions for Delhi stems from these inspiring words of Swami Vivekanada. I sincerely believe that Delhi has enough number of brave, bold men and women who can make it not only one of the best cities.

My vision for Delhi is that it should be a city of opportunities where people

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