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Why is Kejriwal doing the drama of Odd-Even again? – Goel

 Rolling out Odd-Even again is Kejriwal’s election stunt;
 Efforts of Centre and MCD have reduced the pollution levels in Delhi;
New Delhi, September 13, 2019: BJP MP and former President BJP Delhi, Vijay Goel, said that people
will oppose odd even scheme rolled out by Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal as it will cause them great
Citing a survey report on odd-even by his organisation, Lok Abhiyan, Goel said that out of 180 people, 90%
asked the Kejriwal government why it did not take any steps to reduce pollution in Delhi and is doing the
drama of odd-even now?
Goel said that with just four months to elections, Kejriwal government has now woken up about pollution. It
is merely a political stunt. Kejriwal did not do anything to reduce pollution in last five years and is all of a
sudden talking about distributing masks, odd-even scheme etc. Whatever pollution levels have reduced in
Delhi is the result of efforts of Central Government. It the Central Government which constructed the
Eastern-Western Highway which has diverted the route of 60,000 vehicles outside Delhi, Meerut
Expressway, Dhaula Kuan loops etc. Now the rolling out of BS VI norms in Delhi is also a Central
Government scheme. It is the Central Government and MCD which have ordered barricades around
construction sites to reduce dust particles, and shifting of brick kilns to greener technology. Altogether, the
Kejriwal government has not taken any steps against pollution. Even today Delhi’s pollution problem has
not been solved.
Odd-even drama was first time done in 2016 from 1 st to 15 th January. Goel told that it was he who protested
against the Odd-Even drama because only four wheelers were prohibited. Private and government buses,
two-wheelers, three wheelers, vehicles driven by women were permitted to operate. The reports released by
the Central government and CPCB at that time had observed that odd-even had zero impact on reducing the
pollution levels. Goel called it a drama and an election stunt. Kejriwal is declaring these schemes out of
desperation and despair and is hoping to fool the people of Delhi.
Goel said that Air Quality of Delhi is 125 today which is also harmful for health. According to a report by
Centre for Science and Environment, in order to improve the air quality levels, pollution needs to be brought
down by 65%. In order to decongest roads and to reduce pollution in Delhi, the Central Government has
invested in projects worth Rs 50,000 crore which includes the Dwarka highway as well. But what is
Kejriwal government doing, will someone tell us?

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