Vijay Goel

Goel organises a camp during Seva Saptah under the theme of “One Ladoo – One Plastic” at Chandni Chowk’s Ajmeri Gate

With the slogan of “Ek Ladoo, Ek Plastic”, Sewa Saptah celebrated at Ajmeri Gate;
Goel to organise pad yatra in wholesale markets and to appeal people to leave plastic;

New Delhi, September 17, 2019: Union Minister V.K Singh and MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, organised a camp on PM Shri Narendra Modi’s birthday and organised a camp during “Sewa Saptah’s No to Plastic” campaign under the theme of “One Ladoo – One Plastic” at Chandni Chowk’s Ajmeri Gate.
Goel said that 1000 kg ladoos have been prepared for this camp so that those who are ready to boycott plastic will bring some plastic items like water bottle etc., and then they will be given ladoos tp celebrate Modi ji's birthday. This event was organised by Vijay Goel who said that there cannot be a better thought than saving the environment and pledging to stop using plastic on Modi Ji’s birthday. Plastic causes pollution, damages the environment, chokes drains, and animals die by consuming it. Not to mention that plastic is injurious to health.
Goel said that PM Shri Modi ji spends his Diwali with soldiers in Siachen, flood victims of Kashmir and his birthday is also celebrated by doing Sewa.
Goel said that Old Delhi is the centre of wholesale market, and uses a lot of plastic. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness amongst the businessmen here. Now, he will go for a padyatra in the wholesale markets of Delhi and will appeal to the people to quit using plastics.
Union Minister V.K Singh appreciating the Prime Minister said that after “Swacchta Andolan”, we need a “No to Plastic Andolan” as well and will have to bring the youth together by spreading awareness through social media campaigns. These youth can further spread awareness about the harmful effect of plastic to the people.
A woman who had brought plastics from her home at Ajmeri Gate said that her family used to use cloth bags when she was a kid. Gradually, she switched to plastic. Commending Modi ji’s “No to Plastic”, she said that it is important that people understand the harmful effects of plastic. Now, plastic has entered our food as well and burning plastic causes pollution as well.
Enjoying the ladoos, school students told that they have brought plastic bags and water bottles from their homes. Once they go home, they will inform their parents about Modi ji’s message.
Goel said that he started “No to Plastic” campaign at Palika Bazaar and that this Abhiyan is everyday organised at one place or another by the Party or voluntary organisations. On Modi Ji’s birthday everyone contribute to “no to plastic” just like “Swacchta Abhiyan”.

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