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Kejriwal government responsible for increased prices of onions in Delhi- Goel

– Centre can procure onions for Delhi government at Rs 16- Paswan

New Delhi, 25 September, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel met Minister for Food and Public Distribution, Ram Vilas Paswan along with BJP spokesperson, Harish Khurana. Goel had a long discussion on prices of onion with Paswan. Goel said that Paswan clearly told him that Centre can provide onions for Delhi at Rs 16 from NAFED but we need Delhi government's response for it.
Goel accused the Kejriwal government of manufacturing the problem of price rise of onions. The prices of onions in Delhi are increasing by manifold but Kejriwal government is a sitting like a mere spectator. Viewing the situation, it is Delhi government's responsibility to store onions, prohibit black marketing of onions and to control prices of onion. Despite the increases prices of onions, the Kejriwal government has not controlled price of onions in mandis or has taken any other step to control it.
Goel said that in view of onion crisis, Centre has already stored 50,000 tonnes of onion. Out of which, Centre can provide onions to State government at Rs 16/kg. However, Delhi government has not procured onions from the  Central government and are misleading people that they will sell it at Rs 24/kg. It is eventually causing loss to common public only. Delhi government could have provided onions to people at affordable prices from the Centre's stock.
Goel said that onion is the food of poor people, it is important that they are sold at affordable prices. If Delhi government does not take any steps on this, we will have to campaign against it. Goel said that apart from announcing schemes, Delhi government has not done anything in last five years. It is also hindering the work of Central government. Delhi government did not take a single step to reduce pollution. Whatever pollution has reduced is because of Central Government policies and the construction of eastern-western peripheral expressways which diverted about 50000 cars from Delhi. MCD did all the work on reducing dengue but Delhi government stole credits and is showcasing it as their achievement in advertisements. Just like this, Central government is ready to provide onions at affordable rates but Delhi government is busy is making it a political stunt.
Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfate, Narendra Tomar, said that if we will provide onions, the prices will be automatically brought down. We have sufficient stock of onions.
Goel said that those states which need onion are procuring it from NAFED and are selling it at affordable prices. Unfortunately, Delhi government does not care about people of Delhi.

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