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Open defecation free India is a big social reform- Goel

– Kejriwal government should tell how many Poorvanchalis undertook treatment in Delhi hospitals;
– Poorvanchali residents of Lal Bagh upset with Kejriwal remarks, will protest; 
-Goel's Padyatra continues for third day at Kabir Nagar
New Delhi, 6 October, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, undertook Padyatra with hundreds of people in the slums of Model Town, Lalbagh. Goel spread awareness about the Gandhi ji's principle of cleanliness. Goel along with others also congratulated PM Narendra Modi for making India open defecation free and told that Swacch Bharat Mission is the world's largest behavioral change campaign. PM Modi gave a new direction to Gandhi ji's principle of cleanliness through Swacch Bharat Mission. 
Goel said that Poorvanchali residents of slums in Lalbagh are upset with Kejriwal's callous remarks that Delhi hospitals are providing treatment worth Rs 5lakh to people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for just Rs 500. The people from Bihar and UP asked if this country is not ours? If Kejriwal wants to kick us out of Delhi? What right does Kejriwal have to say this if he did not construct even a single hospital in Delhi? The people will very soon protest again Kejriwal for these callous and insensitive remarks. 
Goel said that through this Padyatra, Poorvanchalis expressed their anger against Kejriwal. They have said that until and unless Kejriwal apologises for these remarks, the tides are going to be against him. 
Goel requested the slum dwellers to take responsibility of their sanitation and cleanliness. It is necessary to boycott single use plastic and to keep our surroundings clean.
Goel said that all of Kejriwal's schemes are now working against him. According to a data released by Satyendra Jain, 1 lakh 42 thousand 202 people received free treatment in Delhi's hospitals. However, they did not tell how many of these will Poorvanchalis. Kejriwal government should release data on how many Poorvanchalis took treatment in Delhi hospitals. This data will be sufficient to expose Kejriwal government. 
Poorvanchalis' slogan is "Poorvanchalion ka apmaan, nahi sahega Hindustan, sun lo kaan khol ke Kejriwal". 
Goel said that Kejriwal government is searching for potholes in roads but instead, it is the other way around. The roads are in potholes. If the people will check social media accounts of AAP's MLA's, they will understand and see that Kejriwal has converted entire Delhi into slums.

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