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Kejriwal’s stubble burning complaint is a farce, Kejriwal did not work on pollution

·       Goel to expose Kejriwal government’s claims on pollution;
·       Kejriwal government is itself polluted;
New Delhi; October 16, 2019: Blaming the Kejriwal government on the increasing pollution levels in Delhi on Gandhi ji’s 150th birth anniversary at Delhi’s Yusuf Sarai Market, MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel said that stubble burning is just an excuse for Kejriwal government. Actually, it did not do anything to control pollution in Delhi. Goel will expose Kejriwal government’s claims on pollution and will tell people that Kejriwal government is itself polluted. Criticising Kejriwal’s odd-even scheme, Goel said that it was a failure last time as well and that he had protested against it last time as well.
Goel said that Kejriwal government was not serious about pollution in last five years. The rules on building construction are not followed which leads to dust pollution. The government did not sprinkle water on roads to control dust pollution either. The Environment Pollution Control Authority had criticised the Kejriwal government for not controlling plastic burning and dust from construction and roads. It had promised to bring 10000 buses in Delhi but today the number of buses in Delhi is 3000 only. Only Kejriwal government is responsible for it.
Goel said that there has been massive corruption in plantation of saplings as well. It had to plant 1.5 lakhs saplings in Central Ridge but failed to it. Smog free towers were not installed either.
Goel said that Kejriwal is blaming stubble burning to hide its own failures. Stubble burning has been happening for years now but pollution levels were not this high. Kejriwal government is not releasing funds to MCD to control pollution. It declares that more buses will be procured but does not procure any. Kejriwal government had declared in an affidavit to Supreme Court that it will procure 1000 e-buses but no e-buses have been procured yet.
Goel that whatever pollution levels have decreased in Delhi has by the efforts of Central Government like eastern-western peripheral expressway, Dhaula Kuan loops , closing of coal plant at Badarpur.
Goel said that on the call of PM Modi Ji, he has been spreading message of sanitation, boycotting single use plastic at Gandhi ji’s 150th birth anniversary. 

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