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Kejriwal government responsible for deteriorating health and life quality of Delhiites- Goel

 Goel to lead cycle yatra with the slogan of “Pradooshan ki zimmedaar, Kejriwal
 Kejriwal government responsible for deteriorating health and life quality of
Delhiites- Goel
New Delhi, 19 th October, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, will lead a
cycle yatra tomorrow with the slogan of “pradooshan ki zimmedaar, Kejriwal sarkaar”.
Blaming Kejriwal’s inaction on pollution in Delhi, Goel said that it has put the health and life
of more than 1 crore Delhiites in jeopardy. Kejriwal is only worried about his politics, not
about Delhi’s development.
Goel undertook his padyatra on Gandhi’s 150 th birth anniversary at Bawana today where he
received a grand welcome from the Panchayat. After this, Goel undertook a 6km long
padyatra with school children spreading Modi ji’s message of cleanliness and boycotting
Goel said that Delhi is confronted by myriad challenges today and if we do not plan for next
20 years in advance, Delhi will transform into a slum.
Targetting Kejriwal, Goel said that, they have hindered a lot of schemes and projects of
Central Government like Metro Phase IV and Delhi Meerut Rapid Corridor project. In
addition to this, Kejriwal government did not follow the Central Government rules on
Construction and Demolition Waste Management, and did not procure vacuum cleaners or
water sprinklers for road dust management.
Questioning Kejriwal’s claims of reducing Dengue cases in Delhi, Goel said that this year the
recorded rainfall levels have been less than other years, and the MCDs have been working
relentlessly to reduce dengue cases. Delhi government has only been stealing the credit of
MCD. Just like this, the pollution levels in Delhi have reduced by the efforts of Central
government especially the Eastern-Western Peripheral Highway, and not Delhi government.
Goel motivated the children and told them to follow the path of Gandhi ji. Gandhi ji had
spread the message of truth, non-violence, and inclusivity. Gandhi ji used to say that we
should be honest with our work.

Goel said that he is leading the cycle yatra on pollution from his residence, 10, Ashoka Road
tomorrow and it will be joined by a large number of people.

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