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Goel and Parvesh Verma undertake surprise inspection at Seelampur-Shastri Park flyover

Delhi Government itself violating environmental regulations;
Seelampur-Shastri Park flyover live example of pollution in Delhi-Goel
New Delhi, October 21, 2019: MP and former BJP Delhi President, Vijay Goel, along with MP Parvesh Verma undertook a surprise inspection of Seelampur-Shastri Park flyover constructed by the Kejriwal Government.

Goel told that Delhi government's Seelampur-Shastri Park flyover is the live example of pollution in Delhi. Delhi government has been flagrantly violating pollution rules including the Construction and Demolition Rules, 2016. It has not made arrangements for construction waste disposal, or to cover it. There are no cloth or tin boundaries to contain dust pollution. Construction waste is also lying on the road.

Goel said that the state of pollution in Delhi is pathetic. He expressed anguish over the state of labours working there as well. They did not have any safety masks, gear or even proper shoes. Goel said that if any of them falls from the height, they will not even survive.

Goel said that if Delhi government itself will not follow the environment rules, then what will the people do? This means that Odd-Even is just a drama and a publicity stunt for the current government. According to a report by CPCB, odd-even had not benefitted Delhi earlier as well. People ended up buying one more car just to evade the ludicrous odd-even policy. This is nothing but a way to trouble Delhiites.

MP Pravesh Verma appealed to the people of Delhi to inspect these places themselves. Wherever Delhi government is undertaking construction work, it is violating these rules as well. It has also violated the GRAP.

Verma expressed anguish over the state of pollution in Delhi. He said that people are inhaling this dust because of the irresponsible and callousness of Delhi government. 

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